FAQ    (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why are many fasteners left attached to other components, so they have to be taken apart before they can be used?

A: Quality control. When a product is supplied as a kit, it is most important to ensure that all components are included in each kit. Since each Derby Gokit contains 53 parts, almost half of which are fasteners, it is necessary to reduce the possibility of inadvertently having a part left out of the kit. Installing fasteners to their respective parts also provides a check of machining accuracy.

Q: Why should a kit be required to enter a race?

A: For a race to be fair and exciting, the most necessary feature is standardization. As long as every participant has the same basic components, the race will be fair and far more exciting since each heat should have a closer finish.
If just any parts are allowed, the advantage favors people who have the best machining skills or the most money to buy expensive parts... Also, if one participant always wins, it can discourage kids from entering the race and enthusiasm for the event would have a tendency to fade.

Q: Why do the wheels supplied with the kit have bushing style wheels instead of bearings.

A: It is most important that all race participants to have the SAME wheels not necessarily more expensive wheels. Close finishes will make the race  more EXCITING when every participant has the SAME wheels.
 Derby Gokit was designed to be inexpensive, yet reliable:*
1. to afford the opportunity to as many kids as would like to participate,
2. to encourage a lot of kids and adults to enjoy working together to build a racer,
3. to provide a means of standardizing racer components to simplify race organization and enhance development of more community races.
To retain enthusiasm in a race, it must be FAIR.

Q: If every effort is made to keep Derby Gokit inexpensive, why are more expensive processes such as machining and threading of parts utilized instead of crimping or welding in the manufacture of Derby Gokit?

*A: RELIABILITY. The key word used in the answer above is INEXPENSIVE, NOT cheap. It should not be necessary to throw away a whole toy just because a part that was molded, crimped or welded broke. Most kids don't have the ability to weld. Glue hardly ever holds a part that has broken away from the part into which it had been molded.
To most kids, adjusting and general tinkering is what building a soapbox racer is all about.

Q: Why can I not use charge cards to order Derby Gokit?

A: It might not seem too significant, but the percentage charged by the credit card company would be an additional increase in cost with no increase in product reliability.

Q: Why are kits sent by mail instead of a courier service?

A: Once again, cost vs. product reliability. The post office service has been reliable. In a couple of instances, a kit has taken up to 2 weeks to arrive, but every kit to date has reached its destination and at a reasonable cost.

Q: Why is the price quoted as "TOTAL COST"?

A: So every person wishing to order will know the total cost including shipping with no surprise expenses.

Q: Why is it necessary to run a drill through the holes that are already drilled in the knuckles?

A: It is best to have the kingpins snugly fitted in the knuckle. The kingpin that is to be inserted into a .25" hole in the knuckle is made from .249" material to allow for the .001" plating, but the plating thickness varies.
(Aircraft parts are accurately plated at great expense, which would more than double the cost of Derby Gokit.)
The plating in the hole and plating on the part to be inserted may be too thick and cause the kingpin to jam. Leaving the plating in the hole reduces the possibility of rust until this part is drilled out by the builder. Some burrs left in the hole from the threading operation will be cleaned out as well when a drill is run through the hole.

Q: Is there a brake mechanism included in the kit?

A:   No, but a couple of brake DESIGNS are illustrated in the kit instruction sheet. They require parts of old rubber tires, hinges, cable and some of the wood that is left over from the half sheet of plywood required to build a "basic racer". The design used would depend on how the racer is to be used. Very often the brake design to be used is stipulated by a race organizer.

Q: Is there a steering wheel included in the kit?

A: On the back of the package there is a template of the steering wheel that is to be cut out of the half sheet of plywood required to build the racer and there is a special cast aluminum plate included in the kit to allow the steering wheel to be fastened to the steering shaft.

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