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Country Brass

Horseshoe Door Knockers, Longhorn Steer Bar-B-Q towel holders, Cowboy Boot pen holders and Bulls are all made of sand cast brass which has been highly polished and then lacquered to resist tarnishing.
Horse shoe door knocker 1. The Horseshoe doorknocker has a horse head center with a 5" horseshoe knocker. It comes with mounting screws. The only place I have seen this identical knocker was in a store of a major hardware chain priced at $28.50 plus taxes. "My price" $10.00 It's a great fund raiser!!! You can offer a great deal at twice the price.
2. The 7 1/2" tip-to-tip Long Horn Steer has a 3" pivoting ring in its nose that can be used to hold the Bar-B-Q Chef's towel. It comes with mounting screws. "My price" $12.00 Longhorn steer
Boot pen holder 3. The Cowboy Boot pen holder is 6 1/4" high and 8" from toe to back of the spur and can be used to hold long fireplace matches. "My price" $22.00
4. That's "A LOT OF BULL" 6 1/2" high and 10 1/2" long "decoration"? "My price" $40.00 A lot of bull
Horse shoe puzzle 5. Steel Horseshoe puzzle made from real pony horseshoes. Puzzle involves removal and replacing the steel ring. All parts have been plated. Available in black or brass colored plating. "My price" $10.00
6. "FootBolo" is a string/bolo tie that has finely detailed metal football slider with miniature football tie ends. "FootBolo" allows fans to show their team colors. Available in a variety of team color combinations. Cord colors are: red, green, blue, black or red in combination with white/silver/nickel colored or yellow/gold/brass colored metal parts. Please stipulate the color of the cord and metal parts you require when ordering. "My price" $10.00 FootBolo can be used as a fund raiser to lend financial support for your team as well as your moral support. Quantity pricing is available on request. Footbolo

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