DERBY*GOKIT® was used to build all racers shown on this page. Flat ground Slalom races can be exciting events.

For safety reasons, only two racers are usually run at a time. Each racer must go around the course twice. After the first lap, they must switch driver and pusher and go around a second lap. The total time for the two laps is recorded to decide the winning time for each heat.
In the event shown below, the pilons provided a path around which the racers must negotiate.

Ramps can be introduced as obstacles. to further test the driver's ability.

On a hot day, the drive through the water hazard was refreshing.

The sand trap tested the durability of the racer and stamina of the pusher.
It might have been better to introduce the sand trap before the water, so the clogged up wheels could get washed off.

The gentleman raking the sand trap in the background must be a golfer, but it might be a good idea to smooth out the tracks made by the run through the sand.

Appliance crates made good tunnel obstacles that were more difficult for the pusher than the driver.

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