Teachers are not only developing skills, but positive personality traits as well. GOKIT helps to further these goals and at the same time assist in the development of an interdepartmental rapport. Each department can contribute and appreciate the contribution of other staff members. The mutual involvement in the excitement of events can also contribute to the creation of a mutual respect between students and staff.

ART DEPARTMENT - Each student can design a unique creation, because the GOKIT mechanism can be adapted to the chassis design of each individual.

Materials - Paper or graph paper, compass, ruler and pencils &/or colored pencils.

<>Procedure - The photos on the "To view other racer designs, CLICK HERE" page might provide some original racer design ideas.

OBJECTIVES - Upon completion of designing the racer, each student should be able to:

<>1. produce an illustration to show the relationship between each part and the whole,
2. sketch parts in proportion to actual size of the racer to be constructed,
3. recognize the advantages of illustrating intended features before
constructing the finished product,
4. accurately label a model, (the sketch) using proper names and numbers,
5. demonstrate techniques required to alter drawings and show a variety of views.

Many subjective values are inherent in the design process such as a pride of ownership which can supplement

the development of a respect for the property of others.

MATH DEPARTMENT - In accordance with the philosophy of GOKIT, any feature that can be constructed using common household tools and allows the child to be more creative will be left to the child. GOKIT provides the special "GOKIT Plate" with which the steering wheel can be attached to the steering shaft and a template that can be used to cut out a steering wheel, but much sense of achievement is realized and many skills are learned by allowing each student to design a steering wheel.

Materials- Protractor, compass, pencil and 11 X 11 (28cm X 28cm) piece of paper.

Procedure- Begin by using a compass to draw four concentric circles , 3, 9 & 11 (2cm, 7.6cm, 23cm, and 28cm) in diameter. Use a protractor to divide the 360 degree circle into the desired number of parts.

OBJECTIVES - Upon completion of design and construction of a steering wheel, each student should be able to:

1. use a compass to draw circles of various radii,
2. calculate the number of degrees in each segment of a
circle divided into a given number of parts,
3. read and use a protractor.

SCIENCE DEPARTMENT - The Ackerman principle, incorporated in the automotive style GOKIT steering mechanism causes the wheel traveling around the inside of a curve to steer inward more than the outside wheel to accommodate the shorter radius around which the inside wheel must travel. Each front wheel is locked in position by means of a special GOKIT kingpin-spindle combination that allows the front wheels to be aligned.

Materials- (2cm) wrench, pliers, screw driver and GOKIT mechanism.

Procedure- Have students assemble the steering mechanism according to the instructions provided in each kit.

OBJECTIVES - After successfully assembling the steering mechanism, each student should be able to:

1. State the operational definition of automotive style steering and alignment,
2. explain the procedure and rationale of
aligning the wheels of an automobile,
3. list the names of the parts of a steering mechanism.

INDUSTRIAL ARTS - Since the finished product is functional and each student knows, throughout construction, that the finished product will work well, the positive anticipation experienced by each student can provide the incentive to work diligently to complete the required tasks.

Materials- a half sheet of 5/8" pine sheathing, glue, nails, hammer, jig saw, drill and bits.

Procedure- Follow the instructions provided in each kit.

OBJECTIVES - When the chassis construction is completed the student should be able to:

<>1. set up and manipulate a variety of power and hand tools,
2. interpret diagrams and compute spatial relationships,
3. measure and
compensate for the width of a saw blade.

*Since each student should be required to follow written instructions to assemble the steering mechanism and construct
 the racer the LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT might feel left out if the reading skills learned are not attributed
to their department.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION - GOKIT provides a uniform set of wheels to ensure fair competition during events and a compatible steering mechanism which provides equal opportunity during construction of a basic racer. An event is much more exciting when all participants have an equal opportunity to participate and to win.

Materials- a flat area such as a parking lot, used tires and a stop watch.

Procedure- Information concerning the setting up of "parking lot" events such as slalom or relay races are available on request.

OBJECTIVES - After participating in such a competition students should be able to:

<>1. manipulate a steering mechanism,
2. coordinate movement of driver and pusher,
3. recognize that they can't always win, but they won't always lose either.

Groups have raised sufficient funds to purchase enough kits to make their project self-supporting. The prize for this contest was a racer designed and constructed by the group. Construction of the prize, allowed each participant to realize: 1. a better understanding of the processes to be used when designing and building his/her own racer, 2. the satisfaction of having contributed not only to the design and construction, but the purchase of his/her racer as well.

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